Since the Ending of the World

I’m glad that the year-long hiatus began, at least, after #42 and a comic about the ending of the world. I have no idea how managed to go almost a year with no new comic, of course. It seems odd, and of course, I regret it. The year altogether, however, which included a trip to Europe, doing tech work for multiple stage productions, quite a few parties, and great academic success, is hard to regret. It naturally would have been nice for a full portfolio of comics to have joined the mix. Then again, could it have been (easily) otherwise? Charles Schulz, of Peanuts creation, wrote how sad times create humor. It seems to agree with my history – I began Binary Hangman in sophomore year (inspired largely by 2P START!) and, in a miraculous twist of poetic irony, the day the first comic was published saw the first of many violent strokes that made sophomore year the worst of my life. Compared with suffering the slings and arrows of that, drawing silly comics that made me (and, ideally, others) smile was idyllic. It was a full escape into which I delved constantly and headlong. Junior year, for various reasons, was infinitely better, and thus, comic producing seemed like work, and the longer the impromptu hiatus continued, the more I felt like going back to Binary Hangman would invoke shame. Nonetheless, though I couldn’t make myself draw, I kept having ideas. Good ones. My mind just warps what I see and hear, giving life that sort of flavor that is comedy. I’ve decided that such a hiatus demanded a word first – but that’s as far as my mind went. After that, it’s back to the drawing board.

Within the world of the comic, I’ve constructed scenes, places, and characters, plot ideas and arcs, which I hope to mold in the future. Gag ideas won’t stop, either. The first few, upon return, will be outdated, but I consider too good to be overlooked. Following these, there should be completely new material.

I do have plans. Comic 50 will still be special, and 100 will see a story arc for sure. Thursday marks the return of Binary Hangman, and I hope that not until I have completed the canon will another Thursday go by without my two cents thrown in.

-Noah Diekemper


New Site Content Plus News Regarding Upcoming Comics

First up, I’m glad to announce that I just posted my reviews of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Toy Story Racer, and Super Mario Land. You can now check them out under Video Game Reviews in the Miscellaneous Section.

You can also now subscribe to the blog”s updates and posts via email! Just sign up with the nifty button in the left column of this webpage.

I also posted a list of some of my favorite sites in which I do not have a part, again accessible in the left column. The fist two are blogs which I highly recommend. The next is a portfolio of Ray Hargreaves’ work in music, video, graphic design, etc. The next two are other webcomics that I enjoy, and the last is a podcast.

Also, regarding Thursday’s upcoming comic, some of you may notice that almost all of my comics thus far have been video game related. Well, Thursday’s won’t be, it will focus instead on Thanksgiving.

Also, in two weeks, I am proud to announce that we will have 10 comics all at once! Why? Because we’re Binary Hangman, and no other webcomic would do that for you.

(Disclaimer: In Binary, 10 = a base-10 system’s 2. In other words, you’ll get two comics…Am I overexplaining this?)