Comic #37: S3GA 33 Pr3dictions

Really sorry that, once again, it’s a day late, but on the plus side, we do have the podcast coming up any day (episode 1, anyway), plus now I’m done with exams and am on summer break, so yeah! Great times ahead, hopefully. Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying some cool Dreamcast birthday games and vacation, so see ya round!


Comic #35: Announcement

@$#%…I slipped up and published it on Friday, technically. Dang it. Well, it was almost worth it to get to play through Sonic 1 again…

*Update* Oh, it’s Friday the 13th. Of course. Well, Monday should make up for it… ; )

Comic Archive and Sonic Advance Review

Hey all! So I decided to update the site a bit to make up for the potentially sub-par comic yesterday, so I posted my review of Sonic Advance (which you can read here), and also compiled a primitive comic archive, where you can instantly hyperlink to any of the past…geez, 32 comics. Of course, one day I’ll think back and remember how young, naive, and inexperienced I was…speaking of which, I also updated the linear regression program once more, and will be going back again in a few days for yet another minor but noteworthy improvement…

One other thing; just now I cleared The Great Gatsby NES fangame for like the fifteenth time – without dying OR taking damage!! W00t! Sorry, just really excited for this : D

Until next time pals, have fun obsessing over Sonic Generations trailers! Oh wait, that’s just me…

Comic #32: Sonic’s Adventures

Sonic Adventure is a game that seriously needs to be remade, but done right. In the meanwhile…forget you, Sega.

Comic #25: Limits

Well, after spending so much time over the past few weeks working on my entry for the Sega Addicts 50 Podcast Banner Contest, I figured that I might as well add on another panel and turn it into this week’s comic! There’s plenty of goodness in there for Sega fans to seek out, but if you’re just not on that level yet, I posted an answer key of sorts here. (Though this one only gives away the more hardcore and/or unrecognizable details…which, come to think of it, might actually include the comic’s punchline. Oh well.)

Comic #18: Keep Dreaming Sega, Episode 2

Well, our first two-parter is done. Next week should resume our stand-alone comic routine, at least for a while.

And let me just say that I’m dying to play that real NiGHTS game; I seriously consider myself the world’s biggest NiGHTS fan who’s never actually played a game.

Teaser for next week: Government, Latin, and just a touch of Sega! Come on, what’s a Binary Hangman comic without Sega?

Comic #17: Keep Dreaming, Sega: Part 1


Next week!

Once again, thanks to my friend Elah for scanning these in for me. I did have a nice Christmas, and I actually did get a Dreamcast (though no games for it), as well as Donkey Kong Country Returns. And then Gamestop gave me their 3 for the price of 2 sale, so I’m swimming in SEGA games I wouldn’t have been able to bring myself to purchase otherwise.