Comic #39: Bit.Trippy and Comic #40: Innocent Fun

It’s a been a looong time. Seriously, way too long. Sorry, but with summer and no easy access to a scanner, I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical. But at least I’m back now, and with a double feature for two of what I consider some of my better comics. Here’s to more of the good times!




Comic #33: Going Away Party

Well, I don’t have a lot to say about this one, except that I hope people like it, and I spent a lot of time on the first panel. (Like a fifth of that time I spent on the second)

Also, bonus points to whoever figures out what game Stephen’s playing!

Comic Archive and Sonic Advance Review

Hey all! So I decided to update the site a bit to make up for the potentially sub-par comic yesterday, so I posted my review of Sonic Advance (which you can read here), and also compiled a primitive comic archive, where you can instantly hyperlink to any of the past…geez, 32 comics. Of course, one day I’ll think back and remember how young, naive, and inexperienced I was…speaking of which, I also updated the linear regression program once more, and will be going back again in a few days for yet another minor but noteworthy improvement…

One other thing; just now I cleared The Great Gatsby NES fangame for like the fifteenth time – without dying OR taking damage!! W00t! Sorry, just really excited for this : D

Until next time pals, have fun obsessing over Sonic Generations trailers! Oh wait, that’s just me…

Double Feature! Comic #26: Happy Birthday Ray and Comic #27: Scale of Villainy

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Double Feature! Comic #26 is in honor of the awesome Ray Hargreaves’ (from Raybob Industries and 2P START!) 26th birthday, while #27 is just an idea that I’ve had in my head since seventh grade or so (courtesy of my awesome dialectic lit teacher) fleshed out a bit and visually diagrammed.
This is also a double landmark of sorts, since #26 was my first experience using’s Draw program, while #27 introduced Excel into the Binary Hangman canon of works. Draw had its pros and cons, but I think I’ll probably stick to hand-drawn material for the time being…
Oh yes, and Happy Birthday Ray!

Comic#5: Wisp Predictions

Bonus Panel that was deleted because it didn’t really go with the style of the other panels: Honey Wisp. [Picture of a Blue Pikmin with green eyes and three leaves on its head, in drooping quill fashion, wagging its finger and saying “Yeah, that’s the power of teamwork!”].