Comic #10: Nintendo Physics 101

Well, another week comes, and another Thrusday Binary Hangman comic! Though I have to say, I’ve been getting a little depressed at the comic’s status…it’s not that I don’t have any comic ideas, in fact I’ve got a whole Word document full of them, but every week they’re all either “Not timely enough” or “No way could I draw that” or, worst of all, “That’s awesome…but it deserves more artistic justice than MS Paint would do it.” At any rate, I’m glad that I can keep producing comics that are, if nothing else, funny. Also, this is the second week in a row where my idea came to me the day of the comic. For once, thank you, school.

Now, back to yearbook copy…


Comic #9: Scott Turkey vs. The Pilgrim

First, allow me to apologize for the video game subject material. I had an idea in mind for a non-video game one, really! …but then, as I walked into my kitchen about an hour and a half ago and saw the turkey, my mind just sort of put it all together…at any rate, Happy Thanksgiving!

New Site Content Plus News Regarding Upcoming Comics

First up, I’m glad to announce that I just posted my reviews of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Toy Story Racer, and Super Mario Land. You can now check them out under Video Game Reviews in the Miscellaneous Section.

You can also now subscribe to the blog”s updates and posts via email! Just sign up with the nifty button in the left column of this webpage.

I also posted a list of some of my favorite sites in which I do not have a part, again accessible in the left column. The fist two are blogs which I highly recommend. The next is a portfolio of Ray Hargreaves’ work in music, video, graphic design, etc. The next two are other webcomics that I enjoy, and the last is a podcast.

Also, regarding Thursday’s upcoming comic, some of you may notice that almost all of my comics thus far have been video game related. Well, Thursday’s won’t be, it will focus instead on Thanksgiving.

Also, in two weeks, I am proud to announce that we will have 10 comics all at once! Why? Because we’re Binary Hangman, and no other webcomic would do that for you.

(Disclaimer: In Binary, 10 = a base-10 system’s 2. In other words, you’ll get two comics…Am I overexplaining this?)

Comic#5: Wisp Predictions

Bonus Panel that was deleted because it didn’t really go with the style of the other panels: Honey Wisp. [Picture of a Blue Pikmin with green eyes and three leaves on its head, in drooping quill fashion, wagging its finger and saying “Yeah, that’s the power of teamwork!”].

Comic #1: Binary Hangman