Comic #36: Be Vocal

Sorry about no comic last week, but don’t worry – we should hopefully have a regular schedule back up and running, and Episode 1 should be next Monday or so. Fingers crossed! Anyway, I hope everyone understands and enjoys this comic!

Also, I’m now done with sophomore year! Exams schooled and graduation tomorrow! Yeah!


Announcement Regarding the Site

Well, first off, let me tell you that no one is more distraught at the lack of a new comic than I am. I couldn’t get it scanned, but is does exist & is drawn, so MAYBE tomorrow or Saturday. Also, next week SHOULD be back to normal.

Also, *drumroll* announcing BINARY HANGMAN RADIO!!! A new podcast I will be doing with some of my friends, Peter and Daniel. The first episode has been recorded and edited, and should be published sometime on Friday!

So until next time, GodSpeed!


Comic #35: Announcement

@$#%…I slipped up and published it on Friday, technically. Dang it. Well, it was almost worth it to get to play through Sonic 1 again…

*Update* Oh, it’s Friday the 13th. Of course. Well, Monday should make up for it… ; )

Comic #34: Catch-22

Comic #33: Going Away Party

Well, I don’t have a lot to say about this one, except that I hope people like it, and I spent a lot of time on the first panel. (Like a fifth of that time I spent on the second)

Also, bonus points to whoever figures out what game Stephen’s playing!

Comic Archive and Sonic Advance Review

Hey all! So I decided to update the site a bit to make up for the potentially sub-par comic yesterday, so I posted my review of Sonic Advance (which you can read here), and also compiled a primitive comic archive, where you can instantly hyperlink to any of the past…geez, 32 comics. Of course, one day I’ll think back and remember how young, naive, and inexperienced I was…speaking of which, I also updated the linear regression program once more, and will be going back again in a few days for yet another minor but noteworthy improvement…

One other thing; just now I cleared The Great Gatsby NES fangame for like the fifteenth time – without dying OR taking damage!! W00t! Sorry, just really excited for this : D

Until next time pals, have fun obsessing over Sonic Generations trailers! Oh wait, that’s just me…

Comic #32: Sonic’s Adventures

Sonic Adventure is a game that seriously needs to be remade, but done right. In the meanwhile…forget you, Sega.