Super Mario Galaxy

Video Game Review: Super Mario Galaxy for the Nintendo Wii
By Noah Diekemper

Super Mario Galaxy is one of the greatest adventures available on the Wii. This game takes the past to work toward a future and construct a gameplay dynamic furnished with magnificent music, graphics, and intuitive control.

The brilliance of 2D Mario is the fantastic level design; one very focused and concentrated toward the goalpost or boss. In the past, 3D Mario has been very much about exploring and wandering around, just having fun, playing with FLUDD and Yoshi, and even just experiencing (or re-experiencing, with decent graphics, in the case of the DS port) what Mario is in 3D.

This game takes the two and blends them fantastically. The game allows one to explore the level while still making it clear where one must go to advance; on the other hand, exploring is (one) in and of itself fun, given the excitement of experiencing new level areas, etc., while (two) frequently offering hordes of coins and star bits as well.

The graphics and animations are extensive, beautiful, and extremely detailed. The sound and music are also grandiose and excellent.

There are, however, a few problems with the game. For one, it severely lacks decent multiplayer, even though single player mode introduces several aspects of play that would be no-brainers to transliterate to multiplayer experiences; Ray Surfing, Ball Rolling, and the Cosmic Mario races all seem like ridiculously obvious schematics for multiplayer modes.

(Minor Spoilers) Furthermore, after playing through the game, the game allows you to play through it a second time, except you play as Luigi – that’s essentially the only difference, and it really makes it feel more like a  cop-out than a continued experience; why not make it a true hard mode, with less HP, harder bosses, fewer star bits, and ubiquitous time limits?

Notwithstanding the problems, this really is a fantastic game, with innumerable other details to enhance its value. The hub world is a further improvement over Sunshine, there are multiple power-ups to enjoy, the bosses are some of the best in the Mario series, et cetera ad infinitum.

Ultimately, this is exactly why we play video games; a well animated platformer with a great soundtrack, replete with creativity and bursting with pure fun.

Final Score: 9.5/10

Reviewer’s Completion: 242 stars collected, sparkling save file, 9999 star bits


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