Comic Archive and Sonic Advance Review

Hey all! So I decided to update the site a bit to make up for the potentially sub-par comic yesterday, so I posted my review of Sonic Advance (which you can read here), and also compiled a primitive comic archive, where you can instantly hyperlink to any of the past…geez, 32 comics. Of course, one day I’ll think back and remember how young, naive, and inexperienced I was…speaking of which, I also updated the linear regression program once more, and will be going back again in a few days for yet another minor but noteworthy improvement…

One other thing; just now I cleared The Great Gatsby NES fangame for like the fifteenth time – without dying OR taking damage!! W00t! Sorry, just really excited for this : D

Until next time pals, have fun obsessing over Sonic Generations trailers! Oh wait, that’s just me…


New Site Content Plus News Regarding Upcoming Comics

First up, I’m glad to announce that I just posted my reviews of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Toy Story Racer, and Super Mario Land. You can now check them out under Video Game Reviews in the Miscellaneous Section.

You can also now subscribe to the blog”s updates and posts via email! Just sign up with the nifty button in the left column of this webpage.

I also posted a list of some of my favorite sites in which I do not have a part, again accessible in the left column. The fist two are blogs which I highly recommend. The next is a portfolio of Ray Hargreaves’ work in music, video, graphic design, etc. The next two are other webcomics that I enjoy, and the last is a podcast.

Also, regarding Thursday’s upcoming comic, some of you may notice that almost all of my comics thus far have been video game related. Well, Thursday’s won’t be, it will focus instead on Thanksgiving.

Also, in two weeks, I am proud to announce that we will have 10 comics all at once! Why? Because we’re Binary Hangman, and no other webcomic would do that for you.

(Disclaimer: In Binary, 10 = a base-10 system’s 2. In other words, you’ll get two comics…Am I overexplaining this?)

New Site Content Plus Comic Preview

Hi All! Well, one…that’s the total number of hits my site currently has. Well, Hi One! Thanks for reading!

You may have noticed that some new site content has gone up lately – I added a Misc. section with some video game reviews, vocabulary, and a programming page.

I hope to have reviews of Super Mario Land and Super Mario Galaxy 2 up by the end of October, and the rest by the end of the year at latest.

Also, here’s a sneak peak at next week’s comic (and by sneak peak I mean my work so far; all it really does at this point is hint at the subject matter):

And here’s the original comic for last week:

I still like it better in some ways, though I think that it was a little to distracting from the core joke.

See you all on Thursday!