Comic #10: Nintendo Physics 101

Well, another week comes, and another Thrusday Binary Hangman comic! Though I have to say, I’ve been getting a little depressed at the comic’s status…it’s not that I don’t have any comic ideas, in fact I’ve got a whole Word document full of them, but every week they’re all either “Not timely enough” or “No way could I draw that” or, worst of all, “That’s awesome…but it deserves more artistic justice than MS Paint would do it.” At any rate, I’m glad that I can keep producing comics that are, if nothing else, funny. Also, this is the second week in a row where my idea came to me the day of the comic. For once, thank you, school.

Now, back to yearbook copy…


One Response to Comic #10: Nintendo Physics 101

  1. Elah says:

    EPIC. Best comic yet, hands down.

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