The Blog, Redivivus

“Ten thousand years will give you suck a crick in the neck!” — The Genie.


After six dormant years this website is making a return. I don’t have the same impulse to draw comics that I used to and am even more critical of just how unskilled the art was. Nevertheless, I wanted an organizing center to miscellaneous creative activity with low stakes and no pressure, and so this site is returning. It is going to be a grab-bag of thoughts and content with no particular unifying theme. But if I feel like writing a review of a movie or assessing something, this will be the place.



Comic #42: The Answer

My adventures in perspective, procrastination, and Harold Camping comedy continue this week; next week I’m trying to pull for a double feature, but we’ll see!

I’m also pleased to hint that for Comic #50 *something* special will be coming…more hints in upcoming weeks!

Until next time, GodSpeed!



Comic #41: Weatherman

Harold Camping just needs to go away. Sorry for not posting in a while; I’ll be back on track from now on.

Comic #39: Bit.Trippy and Comic #40: Innocent Fun

It’s a been a looong time. Seriously, way too long. Sorry, but with summer and no easy access to a scanner, I’ve taken a bit of a sabbatical. But at least I’m back now, and with a double feature for two of what I consider some of my better comics. Here’s to more of the good times!



Comic #38: Remedial Poetry

Wow; it’s been way too frickin’ long since a comic. With summer and no scanner, though, it’s just been harder to get ideas all the way through to WordPress (ideas themselves, though, are just fine). Hope this isn’t too obscure or repetitive for everyone.

No Comic This Week

Sorry everyone, but there won’t be a comic this week.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Comic #37: S3GA 33 Pr3dictions

Really sorry that, once again, it’s a day late, but on the plus side, we do have the podcast coming up any day (episode 1, anyway), plus now I’m done with exams and am on summer break, so yeah! Great times ahead, hopefully. Meanwhile I’ve been enjoying some cool Dreamcast birthday games and vacation, so see ya round!